Hunt down your fears lest they hunt after you

This is the “Hunter” Card from Kyle Gray’s Angels and Ancestors Oracle Card deck. The saying on the card is: Track down your fears and desires.

The Hunter oracle card is based on the ancient Celtic god Cernunnos, the god of the hunt.

This card asks you to get in touch with your inner fears and desires and approach them as a hunter. A hunter would naturally be afraid of the wild beast he pursues if he didn’t have weapons of defense.

The hunter recognizes the natural fear associated when a human faces a wild bear, lion, leopard or crocodile and faces those fears in order to conquer the beast. Likewise, if you want to be successful in life, if you wish to achieve your dreams, you must begin by ‘ hunting down your fears.’

You can’t conquer your fears without thoroughly identifying them and knowing them. Just as the hunter knows his prey, and prepares for victory, we too must know our own fears in order to conquer them and be victorious.You are a strong and powerful warrior.

You are not meant to live a life of lack, hiding from your insecurities, worries, past and fears.Hunt down those things that chase you, capture and conquer them.

Embody the qualities of the hunter lest you be hunted and live your life cowering in fear.

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